Top 3 Advantages of Having A Catered Buffet

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In social events where food is required, hosting them in a F&B establishment may not seem like a wise idea due to reasons such as the costs, space and location. Instead of doing so, you can easily cater food for your event at the location you prefer with some prior planning. Food caterers such as Le Xin Catering have their menus and packages listed on their website, so you can take a look at your own convenience and order them whenever you like. But what’s the big deal with buffet delivery Singapore? Well here are some of the top 3 reasons why you should have a catered buffet instead of other alternatives.

1. You can easily choose your dishes

As the host, it is very difficult to cater food when your guests have many different food preferences. Some may prefer chicken, while others might prefer beef. Not to mention, restricted diets due to religion. With these factors coming into play, how exactly should you choose which dishes to cater for your event? Fret not, at LeXin Catering, all you need to need to do is, let them know what are some of your restrictions and preferences and they will settle them for you. How easy is that?! This way, you will not be caught up with your guests’ requests or demands with certain dietary preferences.

2. You do not have to worry about food wastage

If you are worried about having food wastage, don’t be! With the headcount accounted for, buffet caterers will prepare the amount of food that is appropriate for the number of pax you have ordered for. In places such as hotels and restaurants that serve buffets, the food is usually served at a very big scale which often leads to food wastage. If you are against the notion of food wastage, catering would be the perfect choice for your event.

3. You save a lot of money on buffet catering

When it comes to buffet catering, you can save a lot of costs because there is no service involved. Everything is self-service. No one serves you food and there will be no one pestering you to clear your plates. In places like restaurants and hotels, you mainly pay for the service from their cooks, servers and other miscellaneous costs. But when it comes to catered food, there is no need for such additional costs.

Do you require any buffet catering recommendation? How about trying Le Xin Catering for your next event? They have one of the widest selections for food choices and also have a cheap buffet catering menu if you are on a budget constraint. They also offer high tea buffet catering, mini buffet catering and tingkat catering as well. So, what are you waiting for?!

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